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Bringing in the Quantum Component

As we continue to search for new and innovative technologies one new and very promising technology has caught our attention. The QT-PI was unveiled recently at the Ancient Futures Festival at The NewEarth Haven here on the island of Bali, Indonesia The Clear World Resorts team was present for the demonstration of the QT-PI and we were completely impressed by the way it performed and also the simplicity with which it delivered a massive result in real and tangible terms. 

The QT-PI transforms and boosts current and power of a given electrical signature to produce more energy than is being supplied from a external source such as a battery or an alternating current from a local utility. This is also known as Over Unity and in the demonstration we witnessed it was clearly shown to accomplish this using an electrical meter that measures watts and ampere hours. QT-PI delivered 3 times the energy out as was being piped in. 

This is accomplished using two copper coils in conjunction with a high frequency generator which appears to tap into the ambient energy which exists all around us. Much work has been done in this area of investigation and everyday more is being learned such that soon we will all benefit from new and exciting sources of energy. This will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity unlike any other in the history of mankind. 

The Oasis by Clear World Resorts will be a testing ground for such technologies as well as it shall serve to bring people of many varied backgrounds and experience together to experience the possibilities to work and create together a NewEarth wherein we are once again free to think big and dream big while also honoring nature and each other as we build a better tomorrow one day at a time. 

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