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Oasis Kids

Oasis Kids is an idea that supports orphaned children in Indonesia. We are building an Eco Village Community on the island of Sumbawa that will love and support these children that have been orphaned. The Oasis will provide a safe space and support the children and the children will support the community with their love and joyful smiles.

I have always believed in my heart that there are solutions to every challenge that we face in life. I still do. I think that one of the biggest challenges is to believe this to be true. So much of what we see portrayed through the media, movies, and in academia appears to show human nature to be incapable of transcending the selfish in favor of the selfless causes and pursuits. This is, in my opinion only the result of not seeing things in a real world context.

One of the most moving things in my life has been to witness the purity and innocence of children as the play together. The love and joy that they display in those moments when they are just being themselves unmindful of others looking on. This experience is truly a moving thing to witness. I see an opportunity for a synergy of needs and benefits to be provided for and obtained by the children and those of us who long for the innocence, joy, and love to return to our lives.

Within the context of an adult world, much of this has vanished and leaves in its wake fear, egoic tendencies and a lack of self-worth and esteem which over time has extinguished in large measure the light that once shined within each of us.

For these reasons, I see an opportunity for a special kind of synergy to take place within the Oasis Eco Resort Community were we to provide a safe place complete with the love and guidance that young lives need to develop into responsible adults that add value to the lives of others while also growing into the person that each choose to become.

I envision a community that is open to the presence of a select group of kids who will be learning from and observing the adults that pass through the Eco Resort not in an overtly conspicuous way but rather within the context of providing a supporting role with some of the activities we will be providing to our guests. Many of out guests will serve to inspire and share their love with the children in the normal course of daily interactions that take place organically without any need for structure or catalyst.

The children would benefit in so many ways and in so doing they would develop self-esteem, learn a new language, understand the value of working as a team, discover other people from different cultures and new ways of thinking about and experiencing life.

I see this as a template that we could develop over time to serve to pollinate other similar communities and thereby assist many in the process. At first we would start small with a handful of children that have been carefully selected by a board of directors skilled in such things. The goal and objective being to learn from the experience and scale this to a larger model when we have learned how best to implement on a larger scale.

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